Artify Life

Fine Art For Everyday Life

Artist and Artify Life founder Katina Zinner creates bold and expressive art through the lens of her one-of-a-kind life experiences, and the brilliance of nature.
Artify Life products feature Katina’s paintings meticulously recreated in the USA on hand-picked items.
Her work is available only in original form, and the curated fine art fashion and home pieces carefully reproduced for your enjoyment.

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  • Targetgroup: Young adults 

 2020 by Katina Zinner Art
All artworks © Katina Zinner Art
Artify Life™ is a trademark of Katina Zinner Art


Artify Life was envisioned by artist Katina Zinner to bring original art, bold color, and thought-provoking product and art pairings into everyday life. With so much of society being grey and dark, Artify Life is the unapologetic burst of color to inspire and ignite personal and global change.
The daughter of an Oscar-winning film editor and producer Peter Zinner and renown photographer and sculptor Christa Zinner, Katina is the product of a passionate combustible Hollywood couple with titanic creative personalities.


Brand Mission

The artist Katina Zinner shares her art on personal products and home goods to inspire and empower individuals each day, and provide a vehicle to IGNITE CHANGE for animals and our environment on a global scale. Katina is passionate about helping living things that can not help themselves. From her beloved and iconic rescued Dalmatians to the wildflower fighting for water on the edge of a walkway, she lives and actively promotes kindness and mindfulness to all living things. Artify Life gives 10% of profits to charities who directly support animal rights, and actively protect our environment.

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Königstrasse 69, D-41564 Kaarst, Germany