Hello Maestro

(Once upon a time …/ Es war einmal …)


Cult series from the seventies with a high awareness around the globe

Hello Maestro (Once upon a time …/ Es war einmal …) is a cult series that has been created by Albert Barille in the late seventies. Since its launch in 1978 the series has been able to unite children around knowledge and has established itself as the flagship of French edutainment. The series pick up topics that are of general interest to young children and parents alike such as Life, Man, Planet Earth and more. The new series on “The Objects” (2024) deals with topics that we see or deal with every day (technology, sports, media, health …).

  • Targetgroup: 6-10 yrs old
    Parents, mums, collectors
hello maestro

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International Exposure

  • +80 languages
  • +100 countries
  • +4 billion children viewers
  • +200 million books sold
  • +120 million DVD sold
  • +1 million games sold
  • Broadcast, Consumer Products, Promotion, Digital, Publishing, Experiential, Podcasts, Brand Content
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Key Facts:

  • Cult series (7 animated series of 26×26”) first launched in 1978
  • A new series in 2024 “The Objects” (78×7”)
  • Target Group: boys and girls 6-10, Family
  • Genre: Edutainment
  • On air in more than 100 territories worldwide, translated into over 80 languages
  • High awareness and acceptance within target group
  • Strong appeal and liking among children and parents worldwide* (*Survey conducted by BVA Dox in 2022 in 9 countries)

Brand Values

  • Classic, Timeless, Heritage
  • Strong Value content
  • Transgenerational
  • Educational, Playful, Creative
  • Learn about the world around you in a fun way
  • Entertainment for the whole family


Content Topics

  • Life – is about the story of the human body (the cells, the organs, the disease, vaccination, immune system, bacteria, virus etc)
  • Man – presents us the history of man from his earliest origins to our times today (prehistory, the fertile valleys, the first empires, Greece, Rome, contemporary history)
  • Planet Earth – is all about sustainable development (global warming, pollution, drought, decrease of energy resources, poverty …)
  • The Discoverers – this is the fascinating story of the great discoveries and the people who made them (Newton, Galileo, Edison, Darwin, Einstein …)
  • The Explorers – the series tells us about unknown lands and horizons and shows us how we came to know our planet
  • Space – a journey into the infinitely great, a crazy adventure full of humor, poetry, philosophy and mythology
  • The Americas – the story of the United States and its peoples
  • NEW: The Objects – every object, even the ones that are so familiar and that we don’t see anymore, has an exciting story to tell, be it in the field of history, geography, physics, natural science or philosophy. From a chair to a football, the list of objects is diverse! 


Certified as National Learning Program by the “Ministry of Education” (F)

Brand Cooperations & Activities:

  • Espace Ballon, Museum in Cahteau-d’Oex, Switzerland (onsite experience dedicated to the discovery of balloons)
  • Toulouse national history museum (Learn biodiversity with Maestro at the history museum)
  • Petit bamboo (videos to learn meditaion breathing with Maestro)
  • Aquarium Paris
  • Handicap International
  • A-derma, Sanofi, Fluocaril, Bayer


  • Collector products (figurines)
  • DVD, CD, Collector box, Collector comics
  • Charms
  • Publishing (comics, partwork, coloring, activities, novelty, encyclopedias, documentary)
  • Games (scientific, educational, board games, puzzles, mini games)
hello maestro

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