Leo da Vinci | the movie & the TV series

  • Targetgroup: Kids 5-10 years and their families

Leo da Vinci: artist, inventor, genius, but first of all a boy with
amazing stories to tell

A lot of adventures of the young Leonardo da Vinci, who is able to recreate his world made of brilliant discoveries, intelligent inventions, and moments dedicated to having fun and a great dream: being able to fly.
In those adventures together with Leo there are new and old friends, amongst which the strong and determined Lisa that the young boy is in love with without even knowing.

In their adventures Leo and his mates will meet both enemies (the Pirates) and new friends (Lorenzo De Medici).

Leo da Vinci | Trailer the movie Mission Mona Lisa
Leo da Vinci | the TV series
  • Critical sense and observation skills
  • Self-awareness and awareness of one’s own
  • Potential search for authenticity, attempt to solve problems
  • Friendship and Loyalty

CGI animation TV series: 
Germany: Kika – Easter 2021

• Available: movie “Leo da Vinci Mission Mona Lisa”, Per date distributed in 80 countries.


Screenshots movie Mission Mona Lisa

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