Leo the truck

Leo the Truck is a successful preschool Youtube series with over 20 billion views worldwide

 Leo is an intelligent and funny truck. He brings the details of the construction kits to the playground and builds a new model out of them together with the spectators. He is helped by his best friends, Lifty the loader and Scoop the shovel.

While watching, the children develop their spatial intelligence and attention: some details are hidden in the playground and the children have to find them together with Leo.


  • Targetgroup: Preschool 2-5, boys and girls

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TV: Season 1 – 78×5’, Season 2 – 52×7’, Season 3 in development

Available on 80+ VoD platforms worldwide

Leo the Truck

Key Facts:

  • Global Youtube series with over 20 billions views
  • 14 languages
  • 3 x Mobile Games, over 18 million downloads
  • Growing Community
  • Additional content: 40 songs, mix of popular songs and nursery rhymes

Brand Values

Community, Teamwork, Caring


Leo in Germany:

• German Youtube Channel with over 75 million views
• 105.000 subscribers
• 220 videos
• Also on Kinderlern TV (15 million monthly views)


Available for all categories (toys, plush, puzzles, games, apparel, home, food, promotions etc.)

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