Phat Kandi

Phat Kandi was born in the summer of 2019 by fashion designer and digital artist Mel Williams, a self certified misfit who lives and breathes fashion and art. Never one to fit in, Mel was obsessed from early childhood with creating fashion designs while watching cartoons such as the Smurfs and Mr Men.

She created Phat Kandi for the love of the outsiders, the rule breakers and square pegs. The designs are cute and morbid with a bittersweet edge, heavily influenced by the fashion tribes from the Harajuku region of Japan and cartoons such as The Smurfs and Spongebob, mixing iconic symbols and pop culture into the designs.

Vision – to celebrate the misfits and their differences. To build a tribe where the oddballs and rebels feel at home.
Mission – to focus on creating products that scream out individuality rather than following the ordinary.

Phat Kandi is available for all regardless of age or gender, highlighting freedom of expression through digital art and fashion.

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