Star Stable

Star Stable online game full of horses, magic and adventure

Star Stable is designed for girls between the ages of 6 and 16, and is driven by the mission to be a platform where girls can come together, share an amazing online experience from horseback, and celebrate sisterhood.

The Online Game

There are hundreds of NPCs (non-playable characters) in Star Stable, but the four Soul Riders are especially meaningful to the storyline and players. These young women share a destiny to protect the island of Jorvik from dark forces. Each Soul Rider has a special bond with her horse and a set of powers associated with astral symbols. Their story is shared in the game through quests, and is what the plot of the Soul Riders book trilogy centers around

  • Targetgroup:
    Girls 6-16 yrs (merchandising)

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Youtube Short form animation series

The short form 2D animated series created by Emmy-award winning writer Alice Prodano has more than 12+ million views on Youtube so far. A long form series is in development.

The Mobile Game

Launched globally on IOS in 2022, Android to be launched globally by end of 2023. The retention rates are above industry standard, high ratings and reviews (4.5/5)

Leo the Truck

Key Facts:

  • Global reach with 26 million registered users
  • Translated into 14 languages
  • Played in 180 countries
  • Online Community with 2 billion views on TikTok
  • 15 million fan made videos
  • 12+ million views on YouTube

Brand Values

Community, Adventure, Magic


Master Toy Partner: Just Play, product launch spring 2024.

Books: Oetinger, Carlsen, Pocket Jeunesse and others

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