The Guinness World Records – The Power of Record Breaking.

A global brand with lots of promotional opportunities.

For over 60 years, the Guinness World Records ™ book has been inspiring children and adults each year with excellence and records. Whether scientific phenomena or sporting achievements, whether bizarre group records or imposing buildings, whether modern technologies or current pop sizes – the Guinness World Records ™ book has always been and will always be fascinating.

With its variety of topics, the Guinness Book of Records covers a wide range of interests. This makes it ideal for any kind of promotion, as product, advertising or at POS – the possibilities are almost unlimited. 


  • Targetgroup: Boys, girls, families: 8+
Guinness Book of Records

To be an inspiration for people – individuals, families, schools, teams, groups, companies and communities – of any age, in any city or country.

To make the amazing official.

To be the ultimate global authority on record-breaking.



  • 97% Brand Recognition (UK/US)
  • 143 Million books sold to date globally
  • Available in 100+ countries and 40+ languages
  • 53.000 + current records on database
  • 47.000 record enquiries from 178 countries per year
  • 8.000 records approved annually
  • 1.100 brand activations in 77 countries annually


  • 20M+ Facebook fans
  • 300.000+ Followers on Twitter
  • 3.5M+ Instagram Followers
  • 5M+ subscribers on Snapchat Discover
  • 10.2M+ Followers on TikTok

Brand Values

  • Passion and Authentic emotional participation
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Credibility & Trust
  • Entertaining, engaging


  • 1.200+ hours of owned footage
  • Programming sold to 150+ territories
  • Original branded productions in 19 territories
  • 6,5 Million YouTube subscribers         

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